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Living practices understanding social, economic, environmental interconnections and our endeavours shared across local and wider community
Protect and restore natural habitats and environments valued for their biodiversity or beauty

A conservation covenant is a permanent, legally-binding agreement placed on a property's title to ensure native plants and wildlife on the property are protected forever. The agreement is voluntary and protects biodiversity on private land with high-conservation significance. Pegarah Private Nature Reserve has a Management Plan which forms part of the covenant. It includes native plant and wildlife management, weed and pest animal control, education and recreational usage. It has a fire prevention plan to protect lives and assets.

Pegarah Private Nature Reserve has an area of land within the covenant defined as a 'Habitat Zone'. This has domestic living and includes 'Parenna Place.' This is a social space for meetings, classes, events and gatherings. A place to share and enjoy. Its focus is on fostering a culture of wellbeing. Fun, relax, create, learn.

Pegarah Private Nature Reserve  is fully 'off grid', 100% self sufficient and sustainable. It has a negative carbon imprint and is a carbon sink. The Reserve is 100% solar powered and supports a 21st century lifestyle including Parenna Place visitor needs and activities. Water catchment and collection supplies the habitat area, and includes an organic vegetable garden and small orchard. The satellite communications, include internet and digital radio and television reception. Waste systems include compost toilets, waterless and hybrid and recycle systems.

Support  reduced costs, protects environment, promotes healthy living without compromising aspirations of modern living

Habitat Zone & Sustainability